Virgin And Child: Cartoon

November 26, 2021

Buffalo Grain Elevators

November 25, 2021
Ralston Crawford
 Smithsonian American Art Museum 

The White Ballet

November 24, 2021
Everett Shinn
 Smithsonian American Art Museum 

Right Where I Belong

November 24, 2021
Brian Wilson and Jim James
From the film Long Promised Road


November 23, 2021

The Game

November 23, 2021
Scott Coley

29 Washington Square

November 22, 2021

Crossing To Jerusalem

November 20, 2021
This is our great migration
Our mountain and our stone
Turning ourselves inside-out
To find we're already home
This is our deal with the sinners and saints
The law and up above
We'll be crossing to Jerusalem
With nothing but our love 
Rosanne Cash and John Leventhal
Performed by Rosanne Cash
From the album She Remembers Everything

Love Is A Game

November 19, 2021
Adele Adkins & Dean Josiah Cover
Performed by Adele from the album 30

Lay It All On Me

November 18, 2021
Leslie Mendelson
From the album If You Can't Say Anything Nice...

Free As A Bird

November 17, 2021
0:07 - portraits of Beatles as children on mantle (from left to right,  John, George, Paul. Ringo in front)
0:14 - more portraits (left to right, Paul, John, Ringo, George)
0:38 - Beatles walk through dock workers
0:48 - Cavern Club (club where Beatles played many shows before becoming  famous)
0:52 - Beatles performing at Cavern Club
1:06 - Strawberry Field ("Strawberry Fields Forever") 1:18 - Eggman appears ("I Am the Walrus")
1:27 - Beatles begin to walk off curb behind eggman
1:33 - Pretty nurse selling poppies from tray ("Penny Lane")
1:42 - Barber shop, with pictures of every head he's had the pleasure  to know, including the Fab Four ("Penny Lane")
1:47 - Sign on wall reads "Help" ("Help!")
1:49 - Boy holds up hand to whisper to girl ("Do You Want to Know  a Secret?")
1:50 - Ringo jumps from doorway
1:54 - Beatles stand by car
1:56 - Window has Beatles montage. First third looks like  Anthology 1 cover. Other panels may be covers of other two  volumes. [They Are, ed.]
2:02 - Birthday cake ("Birthday")
2:02 - Cake has a 6 and a 4 on it ("When I'm Sixty-Four")
2:07 - George appears on street
2:13 - George walks into office (In reality, Apple headquarters) with  sign that reads "Dr. Robert" ("Dr. Robert")
2:18 - Ringo runs by
2:22 - John in crowd scene at car wreck, craning neck while others  turn away ("A Day in the Life")
2:26 - Car wreck ("A Day in the Life" definitely, "Don't Pass Me By"  possibly)
2:27 - Fire engine ("Penny Lane")
2:29 - Policemen in a row ("I Am the Walrus")
2:32 - Fireman ("Penny Lane")
2:38 - Helter Skelter slide (It looks like a lighthouse, but you can  see the slide circling the building. "Helter Skelter," of course.)
2:38 - Kite ("Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite")
2:42 - Children run by in pig masks ("Piggies")
2:43 - Someone enters house through window from ladder ("She Came in  Through the Bathroom Window")
2:51 - Writer working at desk ("Paperback Writer")
2:54 - Beatles walk behind children in pig masks (It's small, but it's  obvious it's them)
3:00 - Sir Walter Raleigh portrait ("I'm So Tired")
3:05 - Beatles on TV
3:06 - John sitting in chair
3:08 - Copy of Daily Mail on table ("Paperback Writer") which reads 'Ten Thousand Holes in Blackburn, Lancashire' ("A Day in the Life")
3:08 - Bowl of green apples (reference to Apple Corps, Ltd.)
3:08 - Box of Savoy Truffles sits on table (kind of hard to make out,  but that's what it says: "Savoy Truffle")
3:10 - Picture of Chairman Mao in window ("Revolution")
3:13 - Workers repairing hole in roof ("Fixing a Hole")
3:13 - Blue Meanie pops his head through hole (the film  "Yellow Submarine")
3:18 - Newspaper taxi appears ("Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds")
3:22 - Woman leaves home ("She's Leaving Home") 3:22 - Picture of Mao being carried across street ("Revolution"  definitely, "Carry That Weight" possibly)
3:22 - John and Yoko waltz by (taken from film "Let It Be" and  probably representing "The Ballad of John and Yoko.")
3:23 - Blue Meanie pops head up from out of sewer (the film  "Yellow Submarine")
3:25 - Magical Mystery Tour bus passes in far background (Hard to see,  but it's there)
3:31 - Big game hunter leads procession, including elderly lady and  elephant, out of party ("The Continuing Adventures of Bungalow  Bill," who always went hunting with his elephant and gun and  always took his mum.)
3:33 - Ringo at table near door
3:45 - Brian Epstein begins to put on his scarf
3:47 - Head of Stu Sutcliffe on body of James Dean from "Sgt Pepper"  cover
3:48 - Flowers, drum and tuba from "Sgt Pepper" cover
3:49 - H.G. Wells and Lawrence of Arabia from "Sgt Pepper" cover  chat (I know other guests are supposed to be rest of people on  the cover, but they aren't as clearly identifiable as these two)
3:58 - Eleanor Rigby headstone ("Eleanor Rigby")
4:00 - Priest walks from grave ("Eleanor Rigby")
4:01 - Sheepdog runs through cemetery ("Martha My Dear" definitely,  "Hey Bulldog" possibly)
4:04 - Long and winding road in background ("The Long and Winding Road")
4:05 - Paul romps on hill ("The Fool on the Hill")
4:12 - Zebra-crossing from the cover of "Abbey Road"
4:14 - Meter maid with bag across her shoulder steps onto curb  ("Lovely Rita." She's definitely wearing a uniform and  carrying a little white book.)
4:30 - Beatles walk into theater (taken from "A Hard Days Night")
Richard Starkey, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney
The Beatles Anthology

The Betrothed And Eiffel Tower

November 16, 2021

Gone For Christmas

November 15, 2021
Amanda Shires
From the album For Christmas

Why Tokyo Works

November 14, 2021
While trains have long been part of Japanese daily life after most of Tokyo was leveled during World War II, Japan had to make a post-war decision to either adopt the American automobile-focused city or to rely on public transportation. Of course, they chose public transportation, likely because of Japan’s lack of natural resources like oil. Thus, small towns outside of Tokyo could connect with the denser downtown areas, turning these peripheral areas into liveable, well-connected hubs. This is why Tokyo today is so sprawling, yet so connected. The system was so effective that Tokyo currently has an incredibly low car-ownership rate — 0.54 cars per household — while San Francisco’s rate is 1.10 and London’s is 0.74. 

“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation,” says Colombian politician Gustavo Petro. His quote rings especially true when considering Tokyo’s trains. Its rail system is an equalizer between rich and poor. It’s usually the fastest way to get from A to B within the city, it’s affordable and everyone uses it. There is no stigma attached to riding the train, it’s simply the standard.

Easy Times

November 13, 2021
Easy times come hard for me and oh, my darling
Time again to dream that you are coming home
Judy Collins and Stacy Keach
Performed by Judy Collins
From the album Living

Faces #12

November 12, 2021
Photo by Emad Kolahi on Unsplash


November 11, 2021
Bob Humphrey
My Traveling Star

On The Beach

November 10, 2021

Orphan Street, Berlin

November 9, 2021
Hans Baluschek


November 8, 2021
Hans Baluschek